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Equality for everyone

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Management with a Vision

Equality for everyone

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Helping Students Community

Education is a progressive discovery

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Highly Skilled Teachers

Inspiring hope, Igniting the imagination, and Inspire learning.

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Well Equipped Classrooms

An investment in knowledge

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B.Sc. Home Science

Food Science & Nutrition

The course focuses in facilitating nutritionists to apply knowledge drawn from relevant sciences to promote an understanding of the effects of nutrition on growth, development and well-being.


Human Ecology & Consumer Services

This is an interdisciplinary program designed for students who have career goals that require basic preparation in each of the major subject areas of the Faculty: Family Social Sciences, Human Nutritional Sciences, and Textile Sciences.


To enable our students to become active partners in the economic growth and development.

Our college of Home Science aims to ensure an all round development of the students with a thrust on empowering women to be self reliant and responsive to the changing trends in the Family, Industry and Society. Our aim is to provide need-based, professionally oriented Home science education to assist family and community towards improved living. Our vision is to enable the graduates of home science to become active partners in the economic growth and development of the community-be it family, local society, nation or world.

We recognise continuous improvement by being a committed follower of positive change. We remain focused and agile to provide services to our students community. Collaborative for achieving shared goals and trusted relentlessly to generate credibility, knowledge and expertise.

Our Core Capabilities

With our academic reputation and excellent facilities, there are numerous reasons to choose.

Quality Teaching

Our Quality teaching is focussed on raising student's achievement thereby facilitating the learning of diverse students. Our faculty establishes and follows through on appropriate expectations for learning outcomes.

Best Learning Practice

Our learning practices enable the learning groups to work as caring, inclusive, and cohesive learning communities. The learning community has arisen out of the research literature and denotes both a central focus on learning and the interdependence within social communities


We are fully committed to making effective use of learning technology. The learning technology helps in providing creative and effective e-Learning experiences, promoting Learning in a flexible and accessible way.

Study Plan

Curriculum goals, resources including Infrastructure usage, task design, teaching and school practices are effectively aligned with curriculum goals to optimise student motivation and accomplish instructional purposes and goals.

Advanced Practice

Our Task cycles match developmental learning cycles of students. Task cycles enable students to engage in and complete learning processes so that what is learned is remembered.

Research Based Teaching

Research-based teaching means that students carry out research in their courses independently and with an open outcome. This helps Students attain abilities in dealing with uncertainty, independence, teamwork and organisational skills.

Our Focus

A commitment to identifying best practices, effective policies and finding ways to scale them

01. Student's Success

Helping every student to achieve success is our highest priority. We encourage a climate of student success and provide an environment conducive to teaching and learning.

02. Student's Engagement

We enhance and promote student engagement by fully engaging our students as active learners and by providing a broad range of educational experiences both inside and outside the classroom.

03. Excellence

We are dedicated to the highest standards of excellence in all we do; we demonstrate this value by providing programs and services that ensure excellence in teaching and learning.

04. Diversity

We are devoted to a diverse environment that supports an equitable education for all of our students and emphasizes respect for various cultures and individual differences.

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